Bearing Removal Tips?

I got my ILYY Fury! Love the thing. Problem is I can’t use my bearing removal tool to pop out the bearing since it’s metric. I was planning on putting a KK in, but I can’t find a way to safely remove the bearing without fear of damaging my throw.

Help? Please and thanks :smiley:

I think ILYY uses a Euro-C bearing(L) and unless Dif-E-Yo makes one in that size, you’re not going to have good results.

YYE sells a bearing puller that is “C” on one end and “metric” on the other.
Unfortunately none are in stock at the moment.

I really should order one of these soon!

Yeah they make ILYY sized bearing.

Just trying to find a way to remove my stock bearing safely.  :-X

You’re going to wait some lineman pliers(with the round cut out in them near the hinge for cutting cables). Gently yet firmly grab the bearing and wiggle. Be patient.

You might also want to pop this in the freezer for a half an hour since that seems to help a lot of the time.