Bearing questions

I am relatively new to newer bearing yo-yos and I have a question about the bearings.

What is the play difference between a large bearing and a small bearing? I know that a large bearing will cause a wider gap but do they spin longer as well? Also, are they quieter than a small bearing. being a computer geek I know that larger diameter fans are quieter than their small diameter counter parts, are bearings the same way? I have a Lyn Fury on the way and my main throw at the moment is a Velocity Premium, I am just curious about the differences that I am going to see between the two.

Generally, the gap will be wider, but the large bearing is more famous toward 1a use, for that reason. This lets the players do the complex string tricks that you see out there, and what makes 1a so cool looking.

The small bearing will cause a smaller gap, as you said. More people like smaller bearings for 5a, because it can regenerate easier, and other things. I’m not much of a 5a player, but most serious 5a players generally recommend small bearings, however, they arent always used for 5a.

Have Fun Throwing,

Yes - I find small bearings easier for 5a. They are also great for off-string since it gives you more gap space, as in the Aquarius.