888 Small Bearing?

This is a stupid question, but what is the difference between the regular C bearing and the “Small Bearing”, Is the gap smaller or what?

Please tell me all you know about these.

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Usually the gap will be smaller. However, some people see this as an advantage, as it can lead to a more stable yoyo. Also, it is recommended for 5a, because the gap is smaller and is easier for “Regeneration” type tricks, along with others.

Hope this helped! :wink:


Is the bearing just smaller width so you could outfit it with a Larger Bearing??? Or is the bearing seat smaller all around.

Is this as popular as a regular bearing or how do people like it beacuse these seems to go lower on BSTs…

The bearing is smaller overall. I don’t think it is as popular as the normal large bearings because its more of a matter of preference and the majority of yoyoers just perfer large bearings