Small bearing vs large bearing

I can tell the differences in yoyo bearings for example I don’t like any of the normal 888s but love my small bearing 888. What exactly are the different properties that large and small bearings have and why are large bearings preferred so much?

I am not sure If I can link to this but:

This has a good discussion on your topic.

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I like small for 5a.

I dont thing the bearing size itself effects play all that much, but here is why I will always choose the large bearing over the small one

my lesser reason: slightly widens the gap
my dominent reason: I hate cleaning small bearings (particularly dealing with the sheilds and C clips) the difference between dealing with an A and a C bearing is enough for me to avoid getting a small bearing version.

But I will say after the first cleaning it dosnt matter nearly as much because I leave the sheilds off anyway

I felt my small bearing 888 regened much much better than the large bearing.

Yeah I noticed the same thing with mine.