Large or Small Bearing?

OK so with the YYF Hectic there is a small and a large bearing version… whats the difference? Does it affect play? Thanks in advance.

its perference
large= more string in gap
small= longer spin times

OK by the way this is Landon from school.

kewl go to know

Both are great choices for different reasons and neither will disappoint.

Small bearings with a narrower gap allow for tight binds even when the yo-yo is spinning at low RPM. However it requires that you are more precise when playing on the string and that you keep it well centered during play.

Large bearing is the more traditional gap width now and allows for more string layers.

The Hectic was “built” to be a small bearing yo-yo and works really well that way - but most players prefer large bearing for intricate string tricks.

i know a lot of people prefer small bearing for 5a, but everything i own has a large bearing, and i tend to only buy yoyos with a large bearing just because i only have to worry about one size bearing for all my throws.