THe hectic by yoyofactory is in stock on yoyonation! but they sell it in a large and small bearing. what is the difference? do they play differently?

Some people say that a larger bearing spins longer. But that might be just rumor. I guess it might be for the players preference. Or if someone has a good bearing in a A size or a C size, they give them the option to get it in that size.

Small bearings are believed to spin less long (rumors), but they are supposed to provide a more stable yoyo, because of the smaller gap, but this leads to less string layers the yo can handle.

Big bearings are believed to spin longer (rumors), but give a bigger gap, for more string layers, but increase gyroscopic precession and wobble, so the yoyo can start to turn around(not tilt, seriously just turning around) and affect some tricks. But this won’t be much of a deal if your throws are strong.

So there you have it, stable, or unstable? Wobble or no wobble? More or less string layers? Small gap or big gap? Its your decision.