Bearing Problems?


So i had my dm2 for a while and i lubed it about a month ago and play with it for almost everyday. Though my dm2 is so silent and i though that was no problem since i usually play indoor but then i had to help my little bros friend fix his dm2 and i played with it a little bit and noticed that his dm2 (was stock as well) was louder and slept longer then my dm2 on a normal throw. What should i do to make fix it or is there something i dont know?


He may be running his bearing bone dry. Dry bearings will often spin longer but spin noisier/louder. Or it could just be variations in the bearing runs.

Also, don’t lube too often. A drop maybe once a month is all you should need.


sometimes bearing will go through what i call “phases” when the bearing will randomly make a different or weird noise or become sort of responsive because the lube or whatever’s inside will be just moving around in there so it can do that sometimes.