Bearing Problem

I don’ know,but my Axiom just became responsive,I cleaned the bearing seat,but still no help,so i checked the bearing,it was clean,nothing inside it.What could be the problem?

Extra Details:

1:I dropped the bearing a couple times
2:I am using a dry bearing

Dry bearing is responsive? Put a drop of oil in there and break it in.

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So dropping the bearing does no harm?

Not unless you drop it in a pool of magma or a pile of poo. (Or some other things, but you get the idea…)

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Things I missed out:
I just siliconed the yoyo
The bearing used to be unresponsive

Okays…so i should drop a bit of lube and break it in?

A little lube always helps. Also make sure there’s no sili in the bearing seat etc.

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Yeah,I cleaned it,that is definitely not the problem

Well, make sure there’s nothing in the bearing seat as well.

Wasn’t that what jhb just said?
I have to go to sleep now,will put some lube into the bearing.

Until then

Wait, some silicone could have gotten into the bearing. Try cleaning the bearing again. The last time I siliconed my yoyo, my bearing suddenly went silent and responsive, and after I cleaned it, it worked fine. So I presume that some tiny bits of silicone went into the bearing.

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Alright,I did what I had to do,and it became unresponsive again.Thanks everyone.

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