bearing killer?


both of the two bearings i put in my skyline have gotten jammed from the inside, and i dont know y or how to fix it. the first on e was the stock bearing, then the other was a yoyojam medium bearing.


(Shisaki) #2

Gave you tried cleaning the bearing with mineral spirits? Even the smallest single strand of hair or thread or something else can jam the bearing.


YYJ medium bearing?
Skylines use large bearings.
Anyway, it is probably hair os string that got in the bearing, try to clean them.


If you can deshield them and blow them out with compress air. Later.

Keep it spinning™


And… why did you put a YYJ bearing in there? :stuck_out_tongue:


i had no other extra bearings except an unused yyj bearing…i couldnt resist not playling with the skyline 4 1 day

(Jesse) #7

Ok, sort of the same thing happened to me. I realized that my DM bearing wasn’t playing as well as it used to, and when I took it out it looked a bit dented. I wasn’t sure if that was causing it, so I put some 3 in 1 on there and some bicycle grease stuff. It played a little bit better for a minute, but now it doesn’t and it’s so responsive that I can’t do many tricks. I was also playing with my Legacy and suddenly the bearing got REALLY loud. I think I’ll just get 2 new bearings, but what else could I do?


If the Legacy bearing gets loud, don’t get rid of it. That means that it is breaking in.

(Jesse) #9

But will it get quiet again? I can’t really yo-yo when it gets late if it won’t…

P.S. I think I might get a DV888 or Hectic

(Mark) #10

It depends. My Speed Maker did the same thing and then became quiet. My Speeder bearing however, stayed loud. It took a week for mine to quiet down.

(Jesse) #11

Thanks, but I think the bearing has started to “cool down”. It’s almost like it used to be.