a few days back, i made a topic “bearing killer” where my bearings that were used in my skyline got jammed, well, i compressed aired it and cleaned it with mineral spirits, and theyre still jammed…wat to do? ???

This sounds a little extreme, but it can’t help to try.

Get some WD-40, and spray it on both sides. Let it seep in. Now clean it, and clean it VERY well. Make sure no Mineral Sprite is left. Clean if twice if you have to. Then, dry it out with compressed air, and put lots of lube in it. It may revive it. Even if its spinning at low speeds, it may just revive the bearing.

If what Samad posted doesn’t work, you might have actually cracked one of the balls or something else inside the bearing, possible breaking a piece off and getting it stuck in another part. If this is the case, the bearing just needs to be replaced.

this probably is not the problem, but keep in mind that it could be the bearing seat. Also, if you did not put some type of lubricant or perhaps silicone spray on the bearing after mineral spirits, then gunk and rust may start to build up again proving ur operation pointless.

when i screw and unscrew the yoyo, it squeks… is that the bearing seat pro u were talkin about? how could i fix the squeek?

That is probably your axle. Don’t worry about squeaking.