Bearing help


So my bearing is still responsive even when i cleaned it with acetone.
Is there another way to get silicone bits out or do i have to buy a new bearing?


I actually dont know the answer to this, but I would just pop in another bearing,maybe even a better one :slight_smile:


Well there shouldn’t be silicone particles in there if you had sili’d it correctly and waited for it to cure. But that aside, use the paper cleaning method. Basically cut some sharp angled triangle shaped pieces of paper, place them in between the inner/outter wall and the cage, and spin the bearing. Repeat for the opposite wall with a new piece of paper until desired results!


If you are running your bearing without shields and there is some silicone on the bearing seat, it may explain how silicone bits are getting into your bearing and why it is responsive. If you can’t seem to fix it, I recommend replacing the bearing and double checking your silicone job.


I was afraid it would come to that.


Try getting a can of compressed air, or just use an air compressor if you have one, and put the bearing on the end of a pen or something to hold it. Shoot the bearing with air, and it will spin super fast, sometimes that launches dirt and other bad stuff out. It’s worth giving it a try!


k ill try later.