Bearing cleaning/Responsive Issue

I have been throwing my General-Yo Prestige a lot lately and I heard the bearing get really loud and then turn responsive. I cleaned the bearing exactly as depicted in the stickied topic about bearing cleaning. I used 100% Acetone. After the bearing cleaning, I let the bearing dry, and ran the bearing dry after a few flicks. The bearing remained responsive. I re-cleaned the bearing using the same process 4 additional times to no avail. I cleaned it one last time, this time letting the bearing sit in acetone for 1 hour before shaking and so on, and the bearing remained responsive. If anyone has any tips or tricks, I would really appreciate it. Thank you :slight_smile:

(I’m assuming the bearing is deshielded…)

Soaking it longer won’t do much if anything. The soaking part is meant to dissolve any grease or organic debris that might be on your bearing. 10 minutes is probably lots. I find shaking/stirring the bearing in the acetone to be more important.

Once the bearing is done with its acetone bath, let it SIT for a few minutes! When it’s still wet, it’ll be responsive. Then once it’s fully dry, put it on a chopstick or some other sort of tapered cylinder (pencil tip?) and flick it with your thumb. At first it might not spin much. Keep at it! Before long, it’ll be spinning much longer.

THEN put it back on your yoyo with NO LUBE.

Give it a go. Unresponsive? Don’t mind the noise? Leave it! Noise bothering you? Take it out and LIIIiiiiiiggghtly (and I mean LIGHTLY) lube it with a tiny drop (not even a full sized drop from the bottle… use a straight pin or something to get a smaller drop prepped) of lube. Re-install, play it for a few minutes to distribute the oil. At this point if you used too much oil, but still really tried to use hardly any, you might need to play it for a considerable time (a few hours) to break it in fully. Otherwise if it was really a tiny amount, 15 minutes should do it.

Bearing still responsive? Didn’t even get past the “flick it with your thumb to get it spinning on a chopstick” part? Bearing might be bad. Or there might be stubborn debris. If I try cleaning a few times, I assume it’s a bad bearing and chuck it in the garbage. I ain’t got time to clean a bearing 3 or 4 times with the same results each time!

Thank you other Greg :wink: It turns out that I was reusing old acetone from a bearing cleaning earlier. I used new acetone and that fixed it right up.