Bearing help


I think that the bearings on my Echo and FHZ are rusting. Is this normal?


Yes. For the FHZ its normal. Not sure about the echo though.


Okay. It kinda had me worried for a bit. I guess I could just get a new one. I will have to anyway. Is it not normal on the DM2? Cause it is not happening on that one.


Did you get water on the bearings?

Or anything with water in them? This could cause rust.

Every bearing can get rust. Depends on how long you’ve had them and how you take care of them. :slight_smile:


As far as I know I haven’t gotten any water on them. I was also wondering if there is an unresponsive bearing that would fit in an fhz.


It’s more than just the bearing. A clean A-sized bearing is what you want. But, it’s going to take some work with the spacers(having the DUncan spacer kit helps) and maybe removing one of the stickers. That’s what you need, short of having it modified to have a silicone recess. It’s not difficult or expensive to play with bearings and spacers. Heck, you can get an A-sized Centertrac and/or KK if you want to, which will help.


What bearing size would I want for my Echo?


I believe that uses a C-sized bearing.


Okay. I can’t find the duncan spacer kit. I might have, but it’s either the mod spacers or the bearing kit.