Echo tips over after new bearing


Hey, fellas. I’d really appreciate any insight or advice you could give me on this particular problem. I have a Duncan Echo that I was really happy with the first month I had it. One day, it was responsive, and I found out that there was a hair in the bearing. I removed the hair and cleaned the bearing for good measure. It’s responsive. Now, I figure the hair kinda messed things up inside the bearing, so I toss it and put in a new one.

Now, it’s back to playing unresponsive. When I open it up, the bearing spins fine with a flick. However, it tips over fairly quickly. It’s not the same old Echo that I knew a few months back. Any ideas as to why this thing is tipping over so quickly?

I wanted to use this for 5A, but not like this… :frowning:

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A new bearing will require a break in period. You can just play it and it should become unresponsive as the oil breaks down. A hair shouldn’t have damaged your old bearing. Try cleaning it again.

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Oh, sorry guys. I put in a Koncave bearing that I had laying around and it was fine. It’s clearly just the bearing being finnicky. I’m gonna clean it once more before I toss it out. Thanks!

Edit: Yep. It’s just the bearing. I cleaned it again, and it didn’t fix the problem so I tossed it. Popped one of my stock CLYW bearings in there, and it works fine again. Thanks, buddies :smiley:

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Thanks. I really appreciate when people state the solution to the problem rather than just saying “It’s fixed.”

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Yeah, cause then it helps all the people who use google…