bearing help

hey i’ve been using a standard bearing that came with my raptor. i cleaned it when i got it but thats it. i’ve been using it a lot but i’ve been wondering why there is so much friction when it spins. how can i fix it without buying a whole other bearing.

A drop of thin lube into the bearing?

If it’s a bearing that was cleaned properly this would only create more friction…

What do you mean there’s a lot of friction?

Actually, the lube will prevent wear. The lube doesn’t really provide more friction but I won’t argue that it slows down bearings.

I’d prefer to put a drop of lube in and maintain the bearing than run them dry.

Did you de-shield then clean? What did you use to clean it with?

You were supposed to at least break in the bearing. Since you just went along and cleaned it, it won’t work properly. Try lubing it and playing with it at least 5min-1hr.

Do you mean it sounds cracky? Put a proper amount of lube in. Dip a drop of lube onto a needle. Then use the lube on the needle to apply to one of the balls of the bearing. Flick around a few times.

A drop of lube would smoothen the bearing out, yes, it would.

Try this, then break in the bearing. You are so useful skeletonboy333 : D

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actually i just put on a drop of thin lube. not complicated and it worked fine still does. it doesn’t always need to be so complicated.

The “complicated” version is for un-responsive play. Protecting and smoothening the bearing while causing the least amount of response is the “complicated” version.

Where did you ever get that idea?

Yes, Keep It Simple…
Works most every time.

you can put your bearing in alcohol and it will spin faster note your bearing can oxide with time :-[

A non-recommended alternative is you can soak yourself in alcohol and then the bearing will appear to spin faster.

Other than my Dark Magic II, which as my first yoyo, I was also experimenting with, and BTW, still works just fine, almost all my yoyos are of the ball bearing variety and they all work fine.

The following question hasn’t been asked:
How exactly did you clean the bearing?

And similarly, did you dry the bearing properly?

Lastly, bearings aren’t terribly expensive. However, before you go off and order a new bearing, take the advise given of playing it more. That might resolve the issue.

And rust faster as well.


not unless the alcohol percent was 100.

wrong. even if you were able to get 100% alcohol, it wouldn’t stop rust at all. The alcohol will remove any lubricant that is protecting the bearing from rust. Cleaning with mineral spirits is removing lubricant but leaving a very slight residue that protects the bearing from rust.

Unfortunately, unless it is 100% it will cause the bearing to rust because a significant portion of the non-alcohol component is water.

If you dry out the bearing after cleaning it, you should be fine, even if using something that isn’t 100% alcohol. In fact, regardless of what you use to clean your bearing, you should ensure that it’s thoroughly dry before putting it back into your yoyo.

Preventing rust is the key factor. Stopping rust ones it starts, well, you need to remove the rust, and unless you’re willing to start doing lots of excessive work on your bearing, it’s not worth the hassle. If your bearing is rusting, replace it. It’s not that much!