My Genesis doesn't play as it used to...

I have a genesis and I LOVE it, but I noticed the bearing doesn’t spin like it used to at all.It is much slower.Is this normal?

do you clean it?

I lubed it up just today. I haven’t actually cleaned it frequently do I have to clean it?

To much lube slows it down and keeps it from spinning making it responsive.

Clean the bearing and put just a tad of oil on it, not even a full drop.


ok.Ill try that.

also whatlube do you use you want to use thin, viscosity or v4m

Yoyofactory thin lube.

Most liquid lubes hinder unresponsiveness to an extent.

liquids have a breakin period while playing gry shorten bearing life best bet is drytreating it

When lubing:

With the shields out:
Dip needle in lube and touch that to 1 or 2 balls. Spin. Repeat if desired. That’s enough.

If the shields are installed:
Half a drop at best. It will penetrate most often via the gab between the shield and the inner race. It will need some break in time.

Always add LESS lube than you think you need. It’s better to be able to add a touch more, than use too much and have to clean it out and start over.

Personally, I dry play treat all my bearings when I clean them these days.

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