How often should lube be added?


I just lubed my genesis, like 2 days ago… But now it went responsive.

Am I doing something wrong? 0.o


Could be breaking in or something. Is the bearing pretty loud?

Lube is not for making something unresponsive it makes things more responsive but makes the bearing smooth and silent. If you want the best of both worlds add a small amount.


I only add one drop of yyj thin lube.
And the sound is the same sound from the day I received it.
(in other words, nothing is wrong with the sound)


Strange… Not sure why it’d be unresponsive then just start up like that…

One drop is actually a fair amount I find that putting some lube on a needle tip and putting some around works well for me.

Though I don’t use lube much in general so I’m not much of an expert on the matter.


Hmm. Actually I just went home and blew the bearing wi the compressed air, and added some extra thin lube. That helped. O.o strange for a Genesis to act that way


what they said :wink: otherwise, i only add lube once, when i first get the yoyo right after i clean it.


Ive ran bearings dry for a long time now. I just clean, blow out,throw and repeat when needed.

(laxdude99) #8

lube everyday for responsive play