How does lube help my unresponsive yoyo

I want to know if I need lube

If you want it to stay unresponsive, lube it very lightly, if at all. Too much lube will slow it down. I’m in the minority that believes a light lube is good for the bearing and improves the smoothness of the yoyo.

A very light amount of lube will make it quieter too.

If u do add lube, add a drop from the tip of a needle. That’s the size of drop u need.

I lube regularly and notice that sleep times suffer a little for a short while after application, but I never get a ‘suddenly responsive yoyo’ that some people complain about. I think there is benefit to lubricating the bearing. If it’s a moving part, it will last longer if it’s lubricated. Period. The noise a dry bearing is making is the balls and raceways inside the bearing destroying each other.

It will ware down the bearing over time and the bearing will eventually die if you dont