My YYF Genesis is being somewhat responsive? help!

I’ve tried cleaning the bearing multiple times. using anything from paint thinner, to WD 40, to even industrial grade brake cleaner! I even followed the youtube video precisely! Idk what else to do. I’ve had it for about a week today, and I haven’t put it down since, I don’t think it is a problem with breaking it in. I use less than a drop of YYJ thin lube to lube it, but the bearing still doesn’t spin too freely?

Well how long do you play with it after cleaning and lubing?

umm, I barely ever put it down :stuck_out_tongue: I even take it to school with me

Well you said you’ve cleaned it multiple times. How long after you cleaned and lubed did you clean again? Bearings need time to break in.

bearing was off center in the middle, it’s fine now xD