Bearing help

I have replaced the bearing on my yoyo quite a few times, probably more than I should. I have seemed to notice that my bearing always slows down significantly when I apple YYJ Thin Lube. Any helpful advice of general knowledge of bearing could help. Thanks guys.

Lubing a bearing slows it down. Lube lightly if at all.
I prefer a light lube myself.

The Lube creates additional friction in the Bearing, am I right? Its like Binding the Bearing without Binding the Bearing at all, in a sense. Like he said, easy does it… It works if you work it.

If you put a drop of lube onto a sewing needle it makes a half drop of lube on the needle which is just the right amount to put in

Use lighter fluid or mineral spirits to clean the lube up. A bearing will last for years if proper care it taken.
I personally don’t lube, or lube just very little.

Could I use isopropyl alcohol to clean a bearing instead of lighter fluid or will that ruin it?

I’ve heard some talk of this so it might work but I’ve never tried it

Isopropyl alcohol is fine. Just make sure to dry the bearing thoroughly as it contains a lot of water unless you get the 95% pure stuff.

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So my bearing makes a loud noise when I toss my yoyo. Should I get a new one? Or what should I do. It makes this loud whistle like noise.

Is this after you cleaned it? Did you lightly lube it after cleaning it? If not that is why it makes noise - clean, unlubed bearings make noise as you described. Sometimes even a lightly lubed bearing will make noise.

Yes, this is after cleaning it. I put a very small dab of lube on there and its now quiter, but it still has a very low hum to it. I used a small sewing needle and put just a drip on the needle, than on the bearing. Than spinned it on a pencil to work it thru. I was also wondering if anyone could tell me if id benefit from a center trac bearing or konkave. What’s the difference in type x size c and the reg size c bearing?

For noise, CT and KK aren’t “inherently” quieter than other bearings. I do find lubed KKs can be pretty quiet most of the time. CT have a characteristic noise that comes with the territory that some people define as “the sound of modern yoyos” so not necessarily a “bad” noise.

Still, you should try one! KK is my preference between the two.

There’s only one size of “C” bearing that’s considered the full size for unresponsive play. It will measure 1/4" x 1/2" x 3/16" (6.35 x 12.7 x 4.7498mm). If the width is half of that, it’s a half-width bearing intended to be used in yoyos that support them for responsive play setups.

Anything else is just a fancy name for the profile or materials. Not sure what “type x” would be referring to or where you’re seeing it.

If you go to shop, than to accessories. Than click on bearing. Than center trac bearings. Click on the choice of size. And you’ll see it say type X. I was just curious. I thank you for your information.

Type X on the CTs means it’s a 10 ball (X=10), also referred to as the CTX. The regular CTs are 8 ball.

In terms of cost:performance , CTX is my go to. For $6 more, you can get my favorite bearing, the Terrapin X Delta Ceramic. I am not a fan of flat bearings anymore now that I am skilled enough to tell the difference when I’m playing (not saying much)

Ironically, then you’ll reach the NEXT plateau where the profile doesn’t matter much at all because you’ll be skilled enough to not care. Haha!

I’m not there yet. I also prefer profiled bearings.

Dang, well if you’re not there, I’ll probably still be on profiled bearings when the next great thing comes along ;D