Bearing "grabs" string?

It seems that my Burnside “grabs” string. It’s very noticeable when you simply land a trapeze and slide the string back and forth, the string sort of wraps itself around the bearing. It’s dead smooth and unresponsive, but this totally kills my spin and I know it could spin so much longer if I didn’t have this problem.

Is there anything I can do?

I kinda dislike OD 10 balls for that reason. I was doing asian pops and then the bearing grabbed onto the string and I gave myself a black eye. I now only stick to quality grooved bearings or high quality 8 - ball bearings.

I suppose the obvious answer would be to clean the bearing in some mineral turp but it could be a couple of other things. If the pads are still new, it could be them grabbing the string. Or it could be a matter of string tension. If the tension isn’t neutral, giving the sting any kind of slack will cause it to twist up, possibly around the bearing.


Don’t do that thing that makes it grab on the string?

Sounds like the string is old and is rubbing too much against itself (or your NTH pointer finger) rather than the bearing. Try replacing it with new one. Polyester if you have it.

It’s not the 10 balls fault. Change your string regularly and don’t use old string! Old string causes this, not 10 ball bearings. When the string cant slide smoothly without bunching up, it’s time to replace that string!

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Well I had a Burnside just like that. I had 3 different kinds of strings, slim kitty string, eXpert string, and Dragon String. It all had the same effect and kept snagging. I also changed 10 balls because i had a few in reserve. I tried this with a YYF SPEC bearing and it didn’t slip at all :confused:

Then clean the bearing completely, lube very sparingly and try again. It could also be a bad bearing.

The bearing doesn’t do stuff like that. Did you try breaking in the response?

The string should never follow the bearing…,
888 at over 4000 rpm.

I’m almost be sure it’s because of the response system+flat bearing. Concave bearings doesn’t seem to have this problem.
*I’m a fan of flat bearings, and I’ve experienced this very problem before with another yoyo… it was a problem between the string and the response.