String getting caught in various mounts/ tricks.

So, I’ve recently been getting into more technical and wrap-py tricks. The string bunches around the bearing, flat or curved, and snaps up, smashing my fingers. How do I fix this from happening? Is it the response pads or strings thickness? I don’t know, so please help.

Its probably response grabby-ness and string thickness.

Try the tricks with slim string and not-so-grabby pads.

You’ve been recently trying these tricks. I think that is most of the problem. Just new to it. That was always my problem with a new type of trick. Like over the arm or wraps like you are having trouble with. Practice it a lot and it will get better with time. A quick solution would be a thin string or a string that doesn’t have much fuzz to it that won’t grab too easily, as well as a well worn set of pads to practice it on until you can do it with your regular set up.

If you have any wider gap yoyos, that might also help a bit until you can get the motions down quickly and smoothly.