Bearing care!!!!

So I’m trying to figure out the best way to keep my speed bearing nice an unresponsive. Any help please!!!

Basically, if it’s already unresponnsive, just use it as you would normally. If it is responsive, I would check to see if ther’s anything stuck in the bearing, or just clean it with mineral spirits.(paint thinner)

Thanks a lot for the info…I have a dm2 would it be a good idea to use yyj thin lube on it

Pure preference. Lube keeps your bearings quieter, and some believe it prolongs the life of the bearing, but there is little evidence to support that. It also hinders the spin a bit.

Personally I run all my bearings dry. Let 'em sing.

Lalalalal chainsaw crrckckr.

If it’s a YYJ Speed bearing, it should have 10 balls in it with a nicer cage that more surround the balls in the bearing. It also has Y Y J stamped on the shields.

Note spin times BEFORE you begin. Just as a reference.

1: Remove shields. This will include removing the C-rings that hold the shields in place. Put these in a safe place, especially if you intend to remove them.

2: Soak and agitate in the solvent of your choice. The popular ones are mineral spirits, acetone and lighter fluid. I get my best results with acetone. Use a glass container that has a lid and is chemically resistant. Baby food jars work good but over time the sealing material will fail.

3: Remove from solvent using tweezers, a hook or somthing. Drain exccess on paper towel. Place bearing on WOOD chopstick(I find this works best), and spin dry. Blowing out bearing helps remove other contaminants as the solvent only removes lubricants.

Note spin time for reference.

4: Lube to preference. I prefer to use Dry Play, but you can also dip a needle in thin liquid lube and touch that to a ball or two to the bearing and work it through. You may also run the bearing dry.

Note spin time for reference.

5: Replace the shields if desired.

6: Put bearing back in yoyo.

7: Re-assemble yoyo.

8: Play yoyo.

9: Have fun.

I’m not going to get into the liquid vs dry lube vs. run dry here. Make your own choice. Bearings are cheap. You can always clean out the dry or liquid lube. Worse case is your bearing tanks and you buy another one. They aren’t that expensive(usually).