Bear vs man 2 vs arctic circle.

Bvm2 vs AC. Which is better for flowy 1a? I might get into horizontal also.
Thanks Thomas.

To me, the Arctic Circle played a bit faster and floatier. It’s really a toss up. They’re both amazing yoyos, and you can’t really go wrong with either. I’d seriously just choose which one you think looks cooler. If your style is like Zach’s, then the AC is perfect. After all, it was designed for him.

seriously, if you dont play very fast and your style isn’t like zachs, the arctic circle isn’t really for you.

Well that is not necessarily true. I have a Super G it play just fine for me even though im not exactly a smooth player. The same can be said about the AC, it sure helps with some styles, but it does not make the yoyo useless if you’re not playing in that style.