Avalanche or Arctic Circle?

Which one do you guys recommend?

Avalanche. My all time favorite yoyo.

My AC has become my new favorite yoyo.

Arctic Circle all the way!!!

I recommend re-stating the title in the body of the message, like they taught most of us to do in school.

Now, that aside, both are great, and I have both, so it really comes down to my mood at any given point in time.
The Ava, being cheaper, is only cheaper in price, not performance. The AC is amazing in its own right. Both are true competition throws. The AC seems more competition oriented though due to the shape.

I much prefer the new Ava to the AC.

Avalanche. It plays like a yoyo should play.

Arctic Circle

I think you should get the Arctic Circle. To me, I think the gap is wider and a little easier to hit than the Avalanche

The avalanche and the AC have the same profile if I’m not mistaken.


Yep. Same profile as the avalanche. No difference between the gap and the catch zone on the avalanche or the arctic circle.

I love this post… So true… I have come back to the Avalanche many a time and I am wondered by it… Years down the road when all is said and done I feel the Avalanche will be up there with the Peak and Chief as a “classic”… Many of us believe that now.

I remember when the Avalanche came out and how excited ppl were and I was one of them. Now it feels like an old friend… Love it…

Artic circle hands down, ava is stable but not quite nearly as stable

Seriously. The Arctic Circle is just amazing. I prefer it over my Avalanche which was my favorite yoyo before my Arctic Circle.

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