arctic Circle or glacier express

Ok. Time for le new yoyo. I’m stuck between the GE and the AC. I like my throws to be smooth. Like, dead smooth. Solid and floaty don’t really factor but I love my puffin. I like medium to fast play. I like whips, slacks, and suicides. I also want to learn horizontal.
I also love grinds.

Arctic circle is good for all of those, and I prefer it over the GE

Agree on all.

Arctic Circle is really good at horizontal and plays pretty quickly but I haven’t played a GE so…

AC is better for horizontal, but the GE is closer in play to the Puffin.
As for speed, I’d say the AC is medium (heavier version) and fast (lighter version). The GE offers medium-paced play.

I prefer the GE but that’s just because I really like the shape. As far as anything technical speak I can help you as I haven’t thrown either but if it were y cash I’d buy the GE just because it really intrigues me.

Clyw is releasing fools gold ge’s tomorrow