Be weary of this kid: Yoyoman72/Yoyopro1


This kid Yooman72 made a deal with me for my Yomega Dash, we closed the deal, next thing I know he’s telling me that he can’t do the deal because he really wanted to get something from someone else. So I tell him that it wasn’t right to close a deal with someone and then drop it because you want someone else’s stuff. Now he’s messaging me constantly trying to argue that he did it for (insert excuses here), and as if this isn’t irritating enough, he made a new profile Yoyopro, just to pretend that he was his older brother and “apologize about his little brother". This is seriously ridiculous.

I guess just be weary of this kid and don’t be surprised if he makes a deal with you just to drop out of it.


Bummer that he dropped out of the deal.

But let’s face it, until money changes hands, online deals are never “for sure” – if you’ve ever sold anything on Craigslist or similar sites, you know how true this is. I wouldn’t give him too much of a hard time, just move on.


I know right thanks for that


Yeah, he didn’t understand how anything worked. I looked, and I think he’s just a kid who has no money. They have been deleted, but instead of PMing people, he was posting in their BSTs, offering like $30 for a CLYW.


I’m glad you made this post to give people a heads up. The same thing happened to me once. With his lack of posts and feedback…it figures. I don’t even do deals with people who have little or no posts. It is a telltale sign of trouble.


Yea, I mean, I could really care less about the deal y’know? But it was the continuous lies and constant messages trying to convince me of said lies. And then making another profile just to message me? Really?


Thanks for the heads up… That’s a little silly tho why make a deal you can’t follow through with


Yes, I’m tired of him already. :wink: