Bassalope too Responsive

I trade for a Bassalope at PNWR, at first it was unresponsive for a week or so, then it became responsive. I switched the string and cleaned the bearing, but it still remained responsive. I’m thinking I’m going to have to change the response, but I was wondering if the response will accept Duncan Silicone stickers and if there is anything wrong with the current response. Another thing to mention is this is a small bearing Bassalope.

Some of my yo-yos had that problem. I switched the bearing and everything was just fine… but if that doesn’t work switch out both the bearing and the response pads. Most likely it’s not the response though

I have a small bearing bassalope. When it came to me, it had been siliconed. After a few throws, that was done. I spent the next few minutes scraping the remains of that out of the recess. I needed to replace these and I didn’t want to spend anything if I could avoid it. Fortunately, a few days earlier, an order from YYE had arrived, which included some maintenance items for some FHZ’s and FH2’s and Metal Drifter I had. I had some Duncan 12mm silicone stickers as a result of the purchase. I popped them right it and it works great.

personally i think you just need too re lubricate your bearing with thin lube only 1 drop of lube. too much lube will make your yoyo responsive till you clean it or play the lube out throw it for like 15 minutes if its not working right after that do what studio42 said because that’s very crafty

Switched the Bearing and now its unresponsive, thanks everyone.