Basic slacks?


Hey guys! So I want to start getting into more slack and whip tricks… As of now I can only do brother slack, DON slack, under whip wrist mount, laceration, ninja vanish, brent stole, and I’m working on jade whip. Are there any other simple slack and whip tricks to get me into it a bit more? Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Alex Fairhurst) #2

Hidemasa Hook
Wave slack
Brent Stole variations.
Hipster Whips.
Follow and it’s variations.


Learn Yuuki slack. It’s weird at first especially if you’re used to doing brother slack, but if you can do brother than you can do Yuuki. It looks cool


The strings always get twisted up when i try it :frowning:


Learn gondola, it has a pretty cool slack move in it.


Learn PAC man or Mach whip


I’ve gotta say mach whip is really, really good to learn. Opens up a lot of possibilities.

Also, slack trapeze and the reverse trapeze whip are both pretty good.


what are some mach whip tricks? I only know sou i think that’s it


You can do a modified Kamikaze from a Mach Whip as well as Gyroscopic Flop. You could also learn Houdini Laceration.


+1 for Gondola. A really basic trick with a neat little slack element, and it’s a crowd-pleaser for when people ask to see a trick and you suspect they won’t really appreciate the brilliance of some of your tech. :wink:


Yea that will definitely happen, you want your string tension to be totally zero or even twisted a little in the opposite direction. I try to practice slack tricks the second I put on a new string.
I used this tutorial to learn it, it’s a pretty good one.