slacks and whips

ive got a good base of tricks and now im wanting to get in to whips and slacks and i was wondering wht r some good ones to start with to get use to the whole thing

Just a few basic ones I’ll suggest…

Whips: Plastic Whips, Side Ways Plastic Whips, Mach 5 Whips, etc.

Slacks: Reverse Slack Trapeze, Slack Trapeze, first Yukki Slack move, Trapeze and is Bro Slack, Solar Wind/Ladder Escape style slacks (I like those).

Good luck.

ive never seen mach 5 whip

also the gondola/monorail trick includes a slack part to it


try wrist whips then when u get good you can to do more then one

i can do 5

the whip and slack tricks i can do r laceration hook jade whip wrist whip plastic slack trapese and the first part of yukki slack i wanna learn the jade whip combos i see so if any one can post tut that wud be great