Basement Find

I was scrounging around my basement for some yoyos for my son to take to camp, and founds these:

I tried the Wheels, and immediately did Shoot the Moon way better than I ever have! Then I almost as quicky lost that mojo… :-/

I was surprised to see “Made In USA” on the Raider though!?

I think I’ll send the Raider along with my son. I’ll be the one taking these Wheels for a spin! :wink:

I recently unearthed my old USA-made Yomega Raider, the yoyo that make my parents flip out when they saw I spent $25 on a yoyo (in the 90s). My average yoyo spending was $3/yoyo.

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Dayum, I guess I paid that much for this one too!

I’m also sending this along:

It has the starburst lathed off on one half, and I put a silicone sticker on it. Snappy!

Yep, have a few of those here.

Those are some nice playing classics!

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I’m no historian, but this what found digging around the lower drawers…

The USA made Raider/Fireball seem to have slightly better quality than the new ones, I have some of those since few years ago, used a lot and still working. Or probably I play harder now than before.

I figured out why the Wheels does STM so nicely. The axle has oxidized. Throw sleepers and it chews through the string in literally 2 minutes!

This one:

That you posted, here, looks very familiar. I myself lost about 35 to 50 Yo-Yo’s from my original collection and I think I had this one in there. How much do you think it’s worth?

Nice old school Wheels, there is a good Hop The Fender.

Hold on to all of them, they are great Loopers. I added two Nebulas to thelm with Bearing Mods and on right grease are oh ing great loopers.

I don’t know. I don’t think it was too expensive back in the day. $15? Probably about that now, if that? I’ve got at least a couple more, that haven’t been modded. PM me if you want one, and I’ll make you a deal.

I just looked, and couldn’t find them on ebay…

I will in a few weeks man. The till is run dry temporarily. . . I wish I could find my N64 Box full of Yo-Yo’s because I have that one and other ones in it, even old school RB II’s, Strobe Yo’s, Raiders, old Duncans from the 90’s (probably 20) and other off brand stuff I had a Black Mamba 5 Star and a Black Mamba 3 Star which was one of my favorites and other Yoy-Yos, too.