ARCHIVED: DNA $65 Monster $40 Adjust-O-Matic $25 LOOP900 $20 Speeder 2 $18

Hi! I have a few old yo-yos that I was going to just give away, but if I could get a few bucks, that would be better.

Monster $40 Walk the dog marks, smoother than most
DNA $65 An old friend of mine. Ceramic flat bearing.
Adjust-O-Matic $25 No markings, tough to find, best with all-cotton string
Plastic Aoda with yellow over-the-edge “hubstacks” $15
Speeder 2 $18 Rings fell off a few times, but still will play
LOOP900’s $20 for the pair
Snow Tires $1 shipped. Replacement response stickers for CLYW. I don’t have any Caribou Lodge any more, but I found these hanging around my case.

Let me know if you have questions about play or condition.

Shipping is $2, for however many yo-yos you want to buy.

I take Paypal, or will accept Money Orders.

Talk soon


Prepare yourself for the inevitable incoming, “Pls gib yeti 4 free?”

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Thanks. I have not been on the forums for a while, much less the B/S/T, so I don’t really know the “black market worth” of any particular yo-yo.

I now have a short, “tactful” (mischievous grin) response for any message that reads like yours.






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I bet better photos would help… on it later.

[s]Prices are set, and shipping is $2 for any number of yo-yos.

Take $5 off the price I listed for the metal ones still available. I still have not used these after all this time.

Lot shot:

From left-to-right-ish
-Pocket Change with OffString wings -$5
-YYF MVP, unmarked -$55
-YYF Monster, -$50
-Fixed-axle tops. One wooden one, one Duncan Ripcord. -$7 each
-CLYW Yeti -$55
-70’s Duncan Butterfly, bearing-ized. Description available through PM. -$10
-Chinese G5-parody, wiggly but fun -$20
-Half-red, half-grey (and a smiley-face sticker) Protostar -$10
-Team Edition YYF 401k -$40
-“Fire Yo-yo”. Never ignited. It is exactly what it sounds like. You dip it in fuel, and light it on fire. Kevlar string, carbon-fiber pads, bearing lubed with graphite. Retail price of $199, Selling at -$50.
-YYJ Journey. Worlds 2009 edition. -$5
-YYF Northstar. Orange, kinda wiggly. -$10
-YYF Hectic small bearing, best colorway ever. -$30
-YYF Team edition G5. -$30
-YYF LOOP 900’s. Two pairs, all red and red-clear Shinji edition. $20 per pair.
-YYF Lunatic small bearing. I won the KS State Yo-yo contest (Open Division) in 2011 with this yo-yo. Yeah, it’s good. -$30
-YYF Grind Machine. -$10
-YYF Die Nasty, GID 5A May edition. Glows great. -$15

Add to the list:
Gold DNA, trans-red stacks. $70


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