BANDIT full review

over the few weeks that i have had this yoyo, it’s has easily achieved the title of “my most favorite yoyo to date” packing a total suprise and a level of smoothness that is unmatched by anything i’ve ever played.

weighing in at 70 grams, this is difficult to discribe. it has the most solid feeling ever, but not heavy. this is coming from a guy who’s preferred weight is 60-62 grams. i loved how it would give a “boom” feeling on string hits. it’s both fast and stable which i found to be very suprising.

the design allows for exellent thumb and finger grinds, but what I was interested in was the flat face which allowed me to learn a horizantal grind bind. the only thing a vaguley dislike about this yoyo is the small catch zone. the trade-off however is the comfortablility of the large rims, and the manuverability of the width. so i’m still in love with this thing.

all in all, this is definitly worth the money you’ll put into it. i traded it for a code 1, but i wish i would have just bought this to begin with.