today in the mail, i got HALF of what i was waiting for along with my bandit i was suppose to get a fairly large order of yoyos, but i guess it was too big to fit with the mail so i’m gonna have to til’ tommorrow.

when i had my bandit set up with a OD flowgroove pad, and one hamstring(my all time favorite).
i was ready to throw. Oh my god this thing is smooth!!! i was met with absolute zero vibe and a stable yoyo that was unbelievable. normally, i comfort zone is 64-62 grams, but i imediatly became hooked to this 70 gram majestic beast. this thing was not sluggish or slow at all, but gave string hits with authority. on a good throw it was most for forgiving but still demanded respect which was well deserved.

all in all, this is well worth the money you put into it. but the ONE thing i would change is the width.
to me, it’s catch zone seems rather small, but that’s an easy trade off for the large rims that feels so comfortable in the hand.

their is no time to waist, get a bandit for yourself and you will not be dissapointed

good review
you spelled waste wrong…