badly damaged yo-yo ?

My Yomega Maverick came off the string and hit the floor very hard.

I saw a few scratches but nothing serious.

I looked inside and…nothing.

But i’m worried after a couple of throws it will just fall apart.

Should i be worried?

you shouldn’t be worried one bit, my maverick is covered in scratches, dings, scuffs and it still plays. Only thing is if it hits the ground during offstring or something you probably should be worried

Nope all of my yoyos hit the ground on a regular basis.

naw dont worry i was doing off string with my friends maverick over concrete, and i let it hit the ground on purpose(he didnt care) and its fine

unless your axle is broken or your yoyo is screwed not tight enough it should not fall apart and if my dingo is not screwed tight enough and is about to fall apart, it will make a slightly different sound when it spins.