Bad grammar

So I was driving to go hangout with some friends, and on the side of the road I saw a sign that said “got kid?” then under it said call xxx-xxx-xxxx for a tutoring service. I personally find it very funny that a tutoring company used improper grammar in an advertisement, and I really hope that they meant to do that.


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Haha that was a bad one on my part, but I still find it weird

It achieved its purpose. It made you look.


Yah besides why look there? There is plenty bad grammar on the forums!

Says Abby…



Good… I’m not the only one that realizes it haha

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If it worked as a slogan for selling milk I guess they think it’ll work for selling tutoring.

Me grammers is reallyer gooding.

i does grammer goodly, to.

I like this one!

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Well maybe the guy’s a Tudor.

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I hate saying this, but saying, or typing, bad grammar is poor grammar…Bad refers to Behavior or something that is based off Opinion. Poor Grammar is the proper way of saying it. You wouldn’t say this tastes poor, but instead this tastes bad, due to it being based of of opinion. Poor refers to, not necessarily fact, but anything that is commonly accpeted to be true, or by convention. Sorry if I side tracked a little, just felt this needed to be said.

I beg to differ…

Beg to differ, you just proved my point. The first definition may agree, now…look at the other 13. I still have a valid point.

As in # 10?.
Can’t argue w/logic like that.

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Well aren’t you a curmudgeon today.

Is you good at grammer?

Haha! Classic redirection. :wink: Sure beats, “I guess you’re right.” And I should know… it’s a rare day I’ll admit to being wrong.