Bad Customer Service

I know that the Yoyoing community generally has outstanding customer service but I thought it might be fun to share some horror stories.

This came to me after I was yelling at my computer screen because I could not believe this person.

The worst part is I originally went to the website because my phone is acting up and frying my MicroSD cards (3rd one since Black Friday).

Oh man… Dont you hate the automated customer service these days? Companies cant even have enough courtesy and respect to talk to someone on the phone atleast. Sheesh…

Hope you never have to deal with comcast, oh man, do i have some stories with them ha…

Comcast needs to fall in a bottomless pit ASAP!!! I hate them so much!!

yea. talk about price gouging. Their lowest tier was like 35$ last I checked. When I lived in South Korea I paid $12 for Fiber and that was in 2007.

One time our Comcast bill went up by $10 and my dad called to find out why. After being on the phone for half an hour, he started yelling into the phone and we ended up getting our $10 back, plus we now get HBO and Cinemax for free.

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