Yoyos keep me from strangling someone.

Hey there!

I think many of us can agree that yoyos can be something that helps us relax and unwind from a long day. Listening to some chill tunes and letting it go can be very relaxing and calming, especially for those of us who work.

I definitely am thankful for my yoyofactory superstar today as I had to deal with a very impossible person.

I work in a customer service department for a local software company, and while I’ve dealt with my fair share of nuts, the woman I had to deal with today just took the cake.

I receive a call from a woman claiming that a program had corrupted her entire hard-drive and she was demanding we compensate her for a new system. Now if something we offered truly did something to this extent, we would gladly do what we can to ensure the customer ends up reimbursed and happy. But the issue was very strange here, as the program she was referring to isn’t even a product we offer! It is something that is marketed through our sister company, but has really no affiliation with us. I tried to direct this woman to the contact info for the company in question, but she was greatly infuriated and started yelling at me through the fun how I was part of a massive “cover up”. It got to the point that she was not willing to listen to anything I would say, and was demanding to talk to my manager to “get me fired and never work again.”

I finally was able to direct her to a higher up and breathed a sigh of relief thinking my ordeal was over. Unfortunately, it was not. About 1/2 an hour later, this woman called once again, and apparently had called many times since to make sure she could be connected with me (I am one of 11 customer service associates). Immediately she begins to scream threats through the phone about how she was going to “come find me” and “hunt me down for being racist”. I have no idea how she came to this conclusion. I tried to reason with her, but she would not stop yelling into my ears. Finally, she hung up after screaming many offenses and saying that she was coming down to our offices in an hour.

Upon hanging up, I was absolutely furious with being called such things, and wanted nothing more but to throw a chair. My coworkers who knew what was going on could apparently see it as one of them told me to go outside and take a break.

I left and found myself pacing around outside trying not to totally blow a fuse. Which was proving difficult.
I remembered that I had my superstar in my handbag so I got it and threw for a while to let myself relax, and thank God it did. I am so grateful I had my superstar with me cause I know that I would have literally exploded otherwise.

For anyone who works in customer service, you know how some people can get you totally riled up, and the job is hard as you become the face of the company, so keeping emotions bottled up within is a must.

Anyways, after throwing for a while, I came back into work and finished up. Luckily, the woman never showed up to our offices, and I don’t believe she could have as her number traced back to an area code 6 states over.

But truly, if it weren’t for that yoyo, I could have lost my job today from a total outburst. So glad I had it with me.

Hopefully, I don’t have to deal with such a woman again.


It’s always good to get your mind off it. Thanks for sharing, that’s quite a story. I doubt I could handle that job haha.

You’ll get crazies in every line of work, probably more so when you’re working in some sort of customer service role because they all seem to think that they’re always right and that their problems are more important than everybody else’s. Glad you had a yoyo with you to help you chill.


I feel your pain. I work in customer service at a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop.

The worse is when they manage to make u feel like crap with their complaints even though its not your fault. Oh I could talk for days about stories and how much customers drive me insane sometimes.

At least I get some happy customers that are nice to talk to. It just depends if they outweighs the bad haha.

I work at a youth theater ( I’m a teen) and one audience member yelled at me that she couldn’t hear the kids… Who were like 6. I thought it was kinda funny, i wasnt mad.

So yeah. There are some mean people out there.

I’m glad that you didn’t lose your job though :). I would have flipped for sure.

One time at night our hot light just went off and we were spraying down the line where donuts usually come down and this guy came in from aparently four hours away for hot donuts and he got sooo mad and was like I drove all the way for that and blah blah blah and he just kept going on and on and made me feel like crap. Anyways my supervisor dropped the hose that was spraying down the line. Well it aimed right at the customer and got him all wet haha I was a bad worker and started laughing and he ended up calling corporate on me and our store but my boss took my side so nothing happened. All in all karma haha.

God I need a Superstar…
Try not to take it seriously. :stuck_out_tongue: Just know you are much more sane than a lot of people out there. That should keep you happy :smiley:

First off, anybody that would drive 4 hours to get Krispy Kreme donuts, is Certifiably Insane. So, you are dealing with somebody that isn’t quite holding a full deck to start with.

I am not picking on Donuts; Krispy Kreme or whatever.

I’m thinking something more like the Best Pastrami sandwich in the State or the Most Awesome Pizza in the Country or something along those lines.

Not 4 hours for donuts, lol.

Regardless, he wasn’t upset because your equipment failed. He was upset because he was an Idiot for going on such a peebrained mission and his mission was a failure, hahaha.

You should have told him,’ Why should you be mad at us? What if your car broke down half way here? Then, we would have prolly had 200 dozen fresh HOT donuts and you would not have been here to suck em up.

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That being said, if the woman did turn up then the yoyo could be a great tool to be used FOR strangling someone. ;D

My favourite one is refusing to give my name down the phone when they demand it. They think that I have to give them any and all the information about me that they want, so when I simply refuse it always sends them mental. Great fun.

I mean our donuts are good but anyone who drives that far for them lol crazy. We have some really crazy people come in sometimes. People and their hot donuts in crazy haha.

And gosh if I refused giving them my name idk what they’d do haha especially cuz I have to wear a name tag XD

Another worst is when they get all upset and try to scam you out of ur money! I could tell a scam story but its so confusing which was well part of the scam lol

Every thought you may have been phone-shammed?

Yep, i do find it relaxing sometimes. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s a cause of agony for me.

Man I feel sorry for ya working in customer service has got to be rough trying to reason with a person on the phone for who knows how long! Anyways glad the Yoyo helped ya at!

Yoyos keep you from strangling someone? On the contrary, yoyos do anything but keep you from strangling someone. There is this kid in my yoyo class that each week without fail wraps his yoyo string around his neck. And each week without fail I say “DONT DO THAT”

BUT ANYWAYS, cool story. Yoyos have helped me blow off steam before too.

Depending on the states, the woman could be driving there right now.