Back to yoyoing, and I need help with a choosing new materials

I was really big into yoyoing about 8 years ago. I can still do most of my tricks, a little sloppy, but I would consider myself advanced. I can do rancid milk, ladder escape, and such tricks.

My favorite yoyo when I was younger was the xcon, but I dropped it once and it shattered. I was sent a convict, but it was never the same. I also own a pyro,aquarius and big yo 2. I never liked the pyro because it never seemed to be responsive enough for me.

Anyways, I want to get another yoyo and need more string. So, what type of string would anyone suggest?

And as for a new yoyo, I don’t really know what is ‘hot’ right now, but I would like a good plastic yoyo for 20 dollars or so. What do you like, and why do you like it?

Thanks all

I like the new adegle plastics, but to get a good plastic you need to spend 30 like for a protostar or a north star or a grind machine, they are all good throws that are plastic and unresponsive yoyos, north star and protostar are different in shape, and north star is heavier but nothing else is different so it depends on how u like weight

I have heard of the grind machine before, and after I google searched I heard a few people recommending that. Is the weight distributed the same way among the three yoyos that you suggested? It looks to me like they all have a ring around the inside to add weight.

For an advanced player, I think one would definitly be more satisfied with a Protostar… I thought the Grind Machine was really good when I got it, but as I moved on to some others, it really does feel empty, and regardless of the name, a plastic wont stack up to a metal in the grinding department…

My personal recommendation: protostar… or if you want a tad heavier yoyo, the northstar is the same, just with a few more grams

Glad to have you back, enjoy throwing

I’m going to agree with these guys. The Grind Machine is buckets of fun, especially if you like hubstacks, but the Protostar and Northstar are undeniably better players. As far as string goes, you have a lot of options. Kitty String and Toxic String are generally very well liked. That being said, you really can’t go wrong with just a plain 100% polyester. YYE sells them in bulk.