Back to the Basic: Returning after 5 years absent

So, after 5 years being an “adult” after graduating college and not playing at all, I pulled my OneDrop Project2 out of my drawer and started throwing again. I need some help. I’m not getting very good sleep times on it and I throw pretty hard. Do you think I just need to get some thinner strings? New Bearing?

I lubed the bearing with trumpet oil so it runs smooth. . . just not for a long time.

I the only help I can offer is to use the “Learn” section at this site.
You will find a lot of adult throwers here and many ( not me!) are quit good. So welcome back to the throw.

If it’s been 5 years since you threw it, the lube that was in there originally has probably broken down and you need to give it a quick clean. Adding lube will make it smooth, but will also add drag which is probably why you’re not getting the sleep times you remember.

Welcome back to the fun :slight_smile:

So I cleaned the bearing and it didn’t make much of a difference but it turns out that the bearing in my old X-Convict spins really well. I swapped them out and it plays really really nicely now. Might need to replace that other bearing

Sometimes you just gotta, yeah.