Throw Monkey response and sleep.


I just got my throw monkey in the mail today and I like how smooth it is. But when i try to do some 5a tricks it’s so responsive it just shoots back to my hand. Also the sleep time is terrible…
Are all of them like this or did I get a bad yoyo?
Any advice on how to fix this?

Thanks in advance =)


clean the bearing, put the wide spacers in and silicone it if you can. that should fix it


Okay I’ll try that =) Thank you!


You didn’t get a bad yoyo, they’re all like that.

(Zer0) #5

yeah duncans shoot back like that


Remove the friction stickers and replace with silicone and put in the wide spacers or use shims


get a kk


That’s not completly neccessary. The KK will decrease response, but only if you clean it first or spend a while breaking it in. I’m guessing he’s a begginer, so he won’t be doing too many tricks that require a centering bearing (or something that sleeps as long) for quite a while.

I’m not saying don’t get a KK, I’m just suggesting that maybe you would be happier spending the $15 on a better yoyo instead, like a Lyn Fury or Vilocity.

Hope this helped!