My Throw Monkey...

So, i ordered the 2010 Throw Monkey…it started snapping strings after a few days of throwing it. Trust me…i am putting the string on right and everything…been yoyoing for awhile now! So, i tried sanding down the sharp edges inside. And it didn’t help one bit! I asked some people, and we came to the conclusion of buying a center trac for it. Will that fix the problem? or should i not risk wasting the money? Please help! Thanks! :-\

Unless your bearing has some sort of sharp burr on it or something, I don’t see how the bearing could be the problem. You say after every few days. How many hours a day are you throwing it? What kind of string are you using? Has it got stock stickers and spacers and all in it, or has it been modifyed somehow? I’m just trying to get an idea of what’s going on.

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Well, im not sure if the string is going inbetween the spacer and the bearing or if it’s something sharp. So, i was thinking about getting the center trac the make sure it wont go to the side. It usually snaps the string after 5 strings or something…sometimes it plays really well, sometimes it plays like poop…haha

My MinusMike Modded FHZ has this problem, see with both gold spacers in the gap allows the string to get between the spacer and the bearing, chews up a string and spits it out. Now with both silver spacers in it is too responsive for me to play 1A with. So I took one gold and one silver and it works perfectly, I guess what I am trying to say is my advice is to go pick up some Duncan Spacers.

What kind of string are you using?