Spacers Eat My Squirrel's String

Today, I was playing with my Flying Squirrel, practicing my breakaways…
Until it went shooting back at me punishing my right hand with great force. (Its unresponsive)
So I unscrewed my squizzle and I found out that the string was caught between the bearing and the spacer.
Immediately I went to yoyoexpert and searched for other threads that was investigating this problem.
I read on one thread that people had problems with slippage mainly on Mosquitoes, Squizzles, and the Mini freehand keychains.
A person said that the spacers weren’t machined right and the gap between the bearing and the spacers were too wide, so that the string can enter the gap.

(sorry for the massive explaining)

Will buying the Duncan Ball Bearing Kit fix this problem by replacing the messed up spacers with new ones?

Sooo… You think the spacers are machined wrong?

If it hasn’t happened before and you’ve had it a while, it was probably just a mess-up. Make sure to tighten the gap all the way, and give it a little extra to prevent slippage again.

Ever since the problem occurred, it kept on happening.
Yes, I tightened the gap as much as it wouldn’t break the yoyo, it still happens.
Maybe this will help, look at the last post:

As GM user said in that thread, get new spacers, or a KonKave.

OR, You could try to sand the spacers down a little bit, see if that helps. It might make the gap smaller but should minimize slipping.

So, should buying the kit fix the problem?
I’m kinda on a budget. xD

The kit might fix it… Its kind of a coin toss, but its prolly a good try. Good luck ;D

How long have you had the Squirrel? Did you shave the little starbursts off? If so then there is your problem.

Well, thank you guys, I guess I’ll try getting the kit and take a chance.

No, I didn’t shave the starbursts off.

I would contact Duncan about it first. They might be able to help you out.