problem with my flying squirrel

I have a Duncan Flying squirrel and the string keeps slipping in the little space in between the spacer and the bearing. Any ideas on what i can do to stop this from happening?

One is probably backwards.

nope they’re both on correctly

Did you tighten it all the way?

Did you put the wide spacers from a FHZ in it? If so I think they are a bit too wide. You need the next size smaller.

the spacers in it are just the stock ones that it comes with. and yes it’s tight. Im thinking of just getting a KK bearing to keep the sting in the center of the bearing :slight_smile:

do you have any non duncan A sized bearings? if so, try putting one of those in it as it wont have the rounded edges, maybe that .003in will make the difference enough to keep it from slipping in between. If not, maybe goto Wal-mart or something and pick up a Mosquito and pull one of those spacers to replace 1 of yours. I am just trying to think a bit out of the box here, I don’t have a Flying Squirrel so I don’t know the exact sizes of the guts.