Back after two years

Hello There!

Have not posted for about two years (gosh has it been that long?). I recently pick up my YYJ Atmosphere after remembering how fun it was to dance around on the strings, so I thought I’d say hello since I’d be hanging around on these forums again.

So what has happened in the last two years that I should know about? :slight_smile:

Also I am looking to buy an new throw to celebrate being back, any good ones been released recently? Last time I was looking at an M1 but they discontinued them before I got some money. :frowning:

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.

Haha m1. Been a while i guess. Get a 54. It’s the bomb. Side effects are awesome.
Welcome back.

Who cares how long you’ve been gone. Welcome back!

I hear the 54’s are discontinued too.

The Code 2 might be what you want to get. Wait a little bit.

Thanks for the welcome, I guess the code 2 has only been announced then? Plus any tips on getting my sleep better since it is so rusty?

Re-learn how to throw properly :]. And then maybe you will remember what a good throw is/feels like and bam! :smiley:

Not sure but they released a thunderstorm 54 at one drop website a week or two ago

It was actually a subterranean 54

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My bad.

welcome back ;D

If youre looking for a new throw, my personal favorite is the SPYY Ronin, as my signature and Avatar suggest, closely followed by the YYF severe (discontinued), and YYF Super G… and also, in the plastic category I love the YYF protostar … any of these are great if you can bind.

I dont think too much has happened since Shinya Kidos championship, just a few more years of people pumping out some sick tricks, so there might be a little catch up there (is it supposed to be catch-up… I still think dashes are useless)

anyways, once again, welcome back ;D

Not discontinued. I think the 54 is a bit better than a code 2…

Welcome back. About a year ago I re-started yoyoing as well. Something that helped me come back to the sport (hehe) was to watch lots of videos on youtube. Some I recomend are Classical Mechanics, almost anything by ibanezcollector, Jensen Kimmitt’s 2010 winning worlds free style Link---------------------> ( ), and Anthony Rojas (video) link------------------> ( ). A yoyo I recomend is the Rec Rev Mangaroo and there is only one left on yoyoexpert! Good luck!


Cheers for the answers guys glad to be back. I seem to have lost the ability to perform some tricks (not that I had ever been very good anyway). Hopefully I will remember them and move forward with learning. :smiley: