B/S/T clean up.

Ok, I was wondering if wo could clean up the B/S/T, we have posts from a long time ago that would be considered a necro to bring up. Can we have a mod delete them?


Yes. That’s another reason why we need another mod around here. They would be able to deal with things like this while André is busy with all the other things he does.

I don’t think Andre is a mod…

He’s the administrator.

like I said in the previous thread about the BST clean up, If you wanted I could clean it up, I’ve got absolutly nothing to do (except yo-yo) this summer, so… yeah!!

A moderator still has several abilities to do things like the administrator.

He moderates. I’d call him a moderator although his title is the Administrator.

You’d need to be a moderator, though.

How are people moderators already without being eXpert 2 times?

They aren’t. We don’t have moderators yet.

The thing is that a Expert nominated for the second time gets to be a moderator in a section of their choice. And if I had to choose, I would choose the General section. I think that section needs some more control to it. And people should have one BST thread each and then just edit it when they add/remove stuff. Then you can just keep that thread forever. And people just need to archive their posts.

Addment: Just report BST threads that’s violating the rules.

Good idea. o_O

Now go execute it.

I think Andre should just name a moderator instead of them needing to be expert twice.

If André is in desperate needs of a moderator and there’s no eXperts left, I’ll guess he’ll name one when the time comes. But it won’t hurt to take this one step at a time. And besides, we can moderate a bit for ourselves by reporting threads. Of course André will have to do the dirty work, but atleast we’re giving our share then.