Who's then moderator for this section?


That’s all I want to know.
Is it Icthus or somebody else?


All of us work here…

(Jei Cheetah) #3

there is no specific moderator for each section.
All mods are in control.

everyone else.

(M.DeV1) #4

well you know jhb and mgodinez seem to keep it pretty tight on the bst


Yophisis is the mod for the spintop section and Jm and doc. yoyo are technically still mods.


That’s because the BST is a place of business. They want to keep it as organized as possible so everything can go smoothly and so no one can get scammed. That’s why pictures are a requirement. They have always been a requirement, but some people get lazy and make people ask them for pictures.

(M.DeV1) #7

i know its just jayyo said that they all work there meaning none of them are assigned to a specific section but i see mgodinez and jhb alot on there as if they were assigned


There are so many bst’s that have no pictures and no links to pictures, the mods could have a field day pming the OPs and moving bst’s to the archived section but alas there is not a whole lot of that unfortunatly.

I read the bst rules before I made my bst, I have my pictures and my prices. Everything you need to know is there on my bst but some bst’s are just, " I have these yoyos…uhh pm me for whatever". No pictures, no prices…nothing. I am sure that the mods are either doing something more important or just don’t have time to patroll for that stuff but I really wish they would.


Sometimes ya just can’t keep up w/them all and you have to let some slide.
Just when you think you’re getting ahead 6 more get posted.

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Mods have it really good. They get great pay (like nothing at all) and it requires nothing from them personally ( except their spare time) and they get to meet many people (many plaguing them with silly complaints). The benefit package is amazing (some respect, maybe a kind word here and there, and occasionally maybe something nice like a yoyo).

If we would all take the time to make meaningful, thoughtful posts that were in compliance with the rules, there would be fewer posts deleted or edited and a lot less complaining about posts and threads disappearing.

In other words, Mods simply clean up after those of us who haven’t learned to take care of ourselves. If we would take better care of ourselves the mods efforts would be focused elsewhere.

This thread seems to be a reaction to a previously deleted thread. I might suggest considering what the mods found unacceptable in that deleted thread, and then avoiding a similar situation later instead of getting upset and wanting to know who was responsible for deleting it. The true answer is all those that made unacceptable posts are responsible for the threads deletion.


Yeah, exactly. Hehe, I know you guys make this a great forum though just like you said, 6 more pop up when you think you have made a dent in it, hehe.


all work here