changing the B/S/T maybe?

I’m tired of looking for high quality things to trade for yoyos like, chiefs, YYR, and other stuff. I’m kinda tired of only being able to find cheapy stuff on the first few pages. we should change the B/S/T into 4 different sections. Low priced plastics, i.e psg, whip, protostar, etc. Middle priced metals/bi metals i.e- dv888, DM2, G-funk, Speeder 2, etc. High quality metals/derlin/acrylic i.e 888, primo, next level, accent, etc. and Super high quality metals/derlin/acrylic i.e Chief, Dreadnought, Positron, Albino Maxbet, AC, Avalanche, Cascade, etc.

Maybe superhigh quality and high quality should be combined into one, but whatever. if you wanted to trade stuff form different sections you could have a different B/S/T in each.

This actually makes a lot of sense.

But, I feel like the whole thing would take up to much space.

Just my opinion.

It would take too much to monitor/moderate that to make sure people posted in the proper area. Besides, when I look in the BST I’m generally looking to see what’s interesting, across the entire spectrum.


You would think people would be careful to post in the most appropriate section but they don’t. In the bst it’s even tough to get some people to post pics or links to pics however, the same people get upset when there aren’t pics in other threads.

I think it would be helpful if people gave more thought to their thread titles. It would help others locate things of interest and save entering thread after thread. Of course there is the search but I know, I don’t always know what I’m looking for when I come to the bst. One of the best things about the bst is that you never know what you might discover! ;D


what if you had a single mod moderate ever section, so its broken down to a smaller task.
i think it would solve a lot of problems. buying selling and trading would be mad much more efficient.

B/S/T reminds me of browsing through the clearance rack in a store. Not the most organized way to shop, but sometimes you can find good deals if you have the patience to look through a lot of stuff. I have to be in the mood to even start browsing.


exactly. Although its fun for me to look through it.

The only problem is when your looking for a cheap plastic and don’t want to buy from someone with 0 feedback. I know I don’t have feedback, but I’m well known. I wouldn’t rip anyone off because I wouldn’t be able to got on anymore. And it’s just wrong. People with 15 posts all in the BST I don’t feel the same way about.

Yes, people that just join to post in the BST section are not true members of the forum in the sense a contributing member.

Problem I see is members would have to have two or three threads just to sell their items. More for everyone to keep track of.

haha so true

The new BST rule would have to be changed again, because if people had plastics and high end metals, then they would have to have more than one BST thread, thus negating the new rule

How about for this in the bst u give everyone the power to move threads to the correct area?

You want to needlessly complicate things, creating 3 or 4 new BSTS out of one, so its easier for you too find high end yoyos ?
Are you serious ?
The only reason is ask is because we all know how much effort it takes to read, but Hey J is having trouble finding his yo’s so lets do this !
After two weeks of frequenting the BST’s, you quickly learn who the people to watch are and who the people who have had the same BST post up for the past year are, I can look thru 5-6 pages in under 5-10 minutes, its not like its actually hard to do.

I don’t think BST needs to change. I think people need to follow the rules.

First, NO videos. A picture is worth a thousand words, and frames for that matter. Post pictures.

LABEL everything. If you’re directing us to Flikr or whatever, label the pictures. Don’t assume we know what everything is.

I like it when those who will accept money at least post asking prices. I have nothing against traders only. I might be doing a BST soon where one of the items I BUY from that bundle may be traded off for something else.

Be organized. I prefer listing of items for sale or trade first(with asking prices for items that COULD be sold), then a list of wants, then labelled photos with asking prices(or trade only, whatever).

Clean up the bumps. I don’t want to sift through 28 pages of bumps(just kidding). Trim the fat. It keeps people on the front page. Can people still delete their own posts? Id’ say once a week, remove the useless bumps or something.

No negotiating in the threads. Ideally, no discussion unless scammer or problem comes up. Keep it in PM’s.

1 ACTIVE thread per person is fine. But, within that thread could different postings with different issues. You could have a “For sale only” posting, a “for trade only”, a “for sale or trade” and a “wants” posting. How one utilizes the thread is up to the individual.

Admin as always reserves the right to remove any and all threads deemed in violation of the rules without warning.

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Yes to both of these.