BST Cleanup?

Recently, I polled a few folks from the BST’s only to find that some of the ‘current’ posts contained unavailable yoyo’s etc (already traded, or decided otherwise). Anyone willing to dig through an clean up old posts? It’s starting to get a little cluttered, and somewhat pointless.

Maybe they should all be purged routinely, to keep it fresh and current.

Any thoughts?

Thats why we would need mods.

Understood… but is there any talk of mods being assigned? I realize that experts can be assigned if nominated twice, but I haven’t seen any mention of it occuring.

Well, this months eXpert has not been announced, so we don’t really know if someone has been chosen to be a mod.

Regardless of the existence of moderators (present and future) I think we should do ourselves a favor and clean up that section, as it should stay as current as possible.

Whether or not moderators exist on this forum, we should do our part to maintain it. Oil the squeaky machine, so to speak.

I wouldnt mind doing it, I’ve got alot of time on my hands!