(Jei Cheetah) #1

I was thinking that it might be good if YYE had some forum moderators.
I know Andre is one, but one mod on a busy forum usually can get hectic.

More mods could be a good way to keep the forum helpful and clean, and make it more enjoyable for everyone else.

Just a thought.



Yea, but if an eXpert gets to be an eXpert twice they become a moderator of a section of their choice.


Good idea, but I think that if an expert gets nominated twice, they become a mod.

(Jei Cheetah) #4

I never noticed that.

I actually didn’t know the eXperts could get picked twice.

Thanks for letting me know though.

I had no idea!



Well Andre already said on the eXpert page that whoever gets to become an eXpert 2 times becomes a mod. So yeah. I think it would be nice if the eXperts are automatically made mods though.

[quote] Members of the forum who are nominated twice for this award will be considered as official moderators for the forum in a given section of their choice.